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What is going on at Adracare (April 2024)

Hello Adracare community,

Welcome back to our monthly check in where we share the updates from the last month and highlight a specific exciting feature.

What's New?

Continuing in the spirit of Spring cleaning we have been hard at work resolving bugs and enhancing the user experience.


  • Void and Duplicate Invoices – Did you make a mistake when creating an invoice? You can now void and duplicate unpaid invoices with a button press
  • Retry Failed Stripe Transactions – Using Stripe for payments? Now when a stripe transaction fails (for example due to an NSF charge) you can quickly retry or cancel the transaction
  • Bug Fixes related to third party payer notifications


We are very excited to share that the team has been hard at work creating a new video experience. 


Based upon feedback from our users the new experience will include

  • A new look and feel
  • A Whiteboard feature
  • Increased participant management (able to remove participants or directly mute their camera or video)
  • Breakout rooms
  • and more

We are excited to bring these changes to you! We will be working with select users to test out the new video experience. 

Feature Focus

Custom Notifications

Did you know that on top of our dozens of built in notifications you can build your own?


Noticing that clients are missing appointments even with the 24 hour reminder? You can quickly create a new email reminder, SMS reminder or even a voice reminder



Need a notification for one specific location, such as your physical office? You can create location specific notifications as well.

We want to hear from you!

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