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Adracare Now Ontario Health Certified

In the changing world of healthcare, the need for reliable, secure and efficient virtual care solutions is increasing. Adracare has made significant strides in this field, distinguishing itself as one of the few telemedicine vendors to meet and exceed all Ontario provincial standards for video and secure messaging. In 2021, we were awarded the Ontario Health Certification, validating our dedication to protecting patient data and ensuring the reliability of virtual video calls.

Ontario Health Certification: A Mark of Excellence

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Ontario Health stands at the forefront of digital health innovation, overseeing provincial healthcare services and taking on the role of establishing evidence-based guidelines. These guidelines empower healthcare providers to conduct secure and confidential virtual visits within their local communities. 

The Implications for Virtual Care

The Ontario Health Certification offers healthcare providers the peace of mind that their patient data is secure, while benefiting from Adracare’s virtual platform. 

1. Data Security Assurance

The security of patient data holds utmost importance in the healthcare sector due to the sensitive nature of medical information, the need to protect patient privacy, and the need to maintain trust while adhering to strict legal and ethical standards. Adracare’s Ontario Health Certification guarantees not only secure data storage but also secure transmission and management, backed by the highest-level of security and encryption protocols to safeguard against unauthorized access. Your patients’ data is treated with the greatest care, and you can have peace of mind knowing it is protected. 

2. Seamless Video Calls

Adracare’s virtual video call capabilities provide convenience as well as a dependable, glitch-free connection for healthcare providers and patients. The certification attests to the platform’s capacity to provide uninterrupted, high-quality video calls, thus fostering effective virtual care interactions. Adracare helps bridge the physical gap between healthcare professionals and their patients, transcending distance to provide quality care.  

3. Efficiency and Accessibility

In addition to delivering high trust and reliability in virtual care, Adracare’s platform enhances the efficiency of healthcare providers by streamlining appointment scheduling, record-keeping, and communication. It extends accessibility, enabling healthcare services to reach a wider audience, especially in remote or underserved areas. Your practice can grow, and you can provide your expertise to those who may not have had access to it before. 

Join Adracare in Shaping Healthcare’s Future

In an era where virtual care has become integral to healthcare, Adracare’s Ontario Health Certification sets the gold standard for excellence, security, and patient satisfaction. We remain committed to innovation and ensuring a brighter and more secure future for virtual care. 


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