Announcing our Newest Feature – Patient Payments!

If you manage a clinic, you probably have encountered the struggle that accompanies trying to collect payments from your patients. Improper payment management can lead to disorganization, chasing down patients, and missed payment collections, which should never be the case – you work way too hard for that!


To solve these challenges, we’re so excited to announce Patient Payments – a simple and easy solution for healthcare providers who want to streamline the collection and optimize patient collection. Providers can now securely streamline vendor management with a single, integrated solution that increases patient payments across various methods, including online, mobile, telephone, or email. Customers can pay their balances directly online, without the need to call, mail, or come into a clinic to pay outstanding balances.


Better Streamlining Patient Payments‍

Patient payment is built directly into Adracares’ platform and doesn’t require users to download additional software or open another tab. Providers can send invoices, receipts, and payment confirmations via email and SMS to their patients. Also, providers can customize the email and SMS notification to your liking.

Adracare & Stripe 

Stripe securely transmits funds from a customer’s bank account to a business account using a credit or debit card. This means you don’t need to worry about processing or compliance because Stripe takes care of that for you! Stripe helps medical practices manage online payment, billing, and reporting to a unified dashboard that monitors revenue in real-time. Easily track who has paid you and who has outstanding balances.


What’s excellent about Stripe is that it facilitates payments on your software platform, so you don’t need to create a separate stripe account outside of Adracare to use the feature, making your experience more simple.

Invoicing without Stripe

Don’t want to use Stripe? No worries, you don’t have to! You can easily create invoices within our system and handle the collection yourself. Simply update the status to keep track of payables.


Our objective is to provide a seamless payment experience for both the practice and the patient. If you already have an account with Adracare and need assistance with setting up your account, please visit our support page. If you would like to learn more and watch a demo, let’s get in touch!

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