The Average Cost of Telehealth and Telemedicine Softwares

With the recent challenges to the health system adding immense strain, it’s no wonder that many clinics are switching to telehealth platforms and virtual clinics in order to cope – in fact, virtual-care engagements between patient and practitioner are on pace to exceed 1 billion by the end of 2020. 


However, picking a telemedicine software that meets the needs of your clinic can be both challenging and exhausting. Whether you need data migration, online booking, patient payments, or something else – your telemedicine software of choice will need to be custom-tailored to your business needs.


This guide will give you a great understanding of telemedicine and telehealth software costs.

‍The Average Cost of Telehealth and Telemedicine Software

Setting up telemedicine software for each organization can vary significantly – with many factors influencing price, such as: 

    • the number of staff at your clinic 
    • the number of patients you see on an ongoing basis
    • your data needs (i.e. migration, storing patient data etc.)
    • your software integration needs
    • scope of implementation (how many clinics you have, and how complex your currents systems are)
    • and, bandwidth costs 

Generally speaking, range in cost can be broken down by how large or small your clinic or organization is:

Larger Organizations 
– prices can range from $10,000-100,000 annually. 

Small to Midsize Organizations’ 
– costs can range from free-$350 dollars per month per provider


Additional telemedicine software costs can occur if an organization requires tailored solutions and add ons such as group conferencing, secure messaging, white labeling, custom workflows, and domains.


An optimal telehealth software should be a SaaS (or web-based telemedicine) solution with data being stored within the cloud and run using the internet – and not in a server in your closet

Telemedicine Solutions for Organizations Large and Small

Some clinics may opt to pay less, depending on their needs for telemedicine software.

For example, compliance requirements, HD video sessions in real time with end-to-end encryption, patient appointment scheduling, virtual waiting rooms and document sharing can quickly inflate your costs with most providers. Especially when you cannot add them a la carte, and have to purchase a bloated package with many features you don’t need or want.

Understanding those needs are at the core of determining how much your telehealth software will cost.

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Closing Thoughts

Plain and simple telemedicine is the future of healthcare – it’s an innovative way to provide and receive healthcare services at mass, especially during challenging times. But, telehealth software costs will always depend on what features you need to run your practice successfully.


Being strategic about choosing those features, and partnering with a telemedicine services and software provider that gives you flexibility, is key to implementing a cost-effective solution.

The Most Cost-Effective Telemedicine Solution on the Market

Adracare offers a low-cost, all-on-one telehealth and practice management solution offering features that help clinics increase revenue, reduce expenses, improve productivity, quality of care, and efficiency.


Adracare supports high-quality HD video conferencing, which is compliant in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe – including HIPAA, PIPEDA and PIPA, with end-to-end encryption. Our telehealth clinics to serve their patients better with advanced features such as custom forms, questionnaires, patient appointment reminders, and more


For more information on telehealth costs and features, be sure to download our comparison guide here. To learn more about Adracare, contact us today.

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