Deliver great virtual care

Everything you need to run a virtual care practice, end-to-end.

Adracare ensures practitioners can deliver the same quality of care regardless of whether clients wish to maintain virtual visits or are ready to come back in-person. We seamlessly integrate virtual and in-person treatment to deliver hassle free, connected experiences to your clients.

HD Video Counselling

Connect with your clients through crystal-clear video, audio, or both with up to 12 patients.

Virtual Waiting Room

You or your client can check-in early to the appointment from their device and remain there until the session begins.

Run a pre appointment test to avoid issues during a session

Simultaneous In-Session Charting

Avoid interruptions by taking notes alongside video calls on the same screen. Create notes with templates or from scratch.

Secure Screen & Document Sharing

Helpful, real-time collaboration and communication. Share relevant information and stay on the same page.

Securely share documents in session

Secure Messaging

Stay connected with messages to clients in a GDPA / PHIPA / HIPAA compliant environment.

Group Conferencing

Meet with up to 12* people for group counselling or team discussions.

Any device.

Browser, mobile phone, tablet…you and your clients connect on any device, securely.

Connecting with your patients has never been easier. Join today, for FREE, to see why 3 in 4 healthcare providers refer Adracare to their colleagues