Adracare Meets Provincial Standards as a Secure Virtual Clinic Solution

Adracare Inc. is excited to announce that it is one of the few telemedicine vendors to complete the verification process to be recognized as a solution that has passed all mandatory provincial standards for video and secure messaging.


In an agreement, Adracare will participate in additional risk-based verification testing annually to ensure that compliance, privacy, and security standards are being adhered to. By applying the provincial standard for virtual visits, virtual care services can be delivered using safe, secure, and interoperable platforms. The new standard was developed in consultation with health care organizations and clinicians across the province.


Ontario Health has established mandatory requirements as part of the provincial standard for Virtual Visits Verification solutions for use within the Ontario health care sector. Adracare has attested that it and its virtual care solution meets the mandatory requirements and is now included on the virtual visits verification solutions site available at

What does this mean for healthcare providers?

Adracare will offer a strong virtual care alternative to a new public sector consisting of family practices, specialist clinics, family health teams, hospitals, social agencies, and community care access centers. As a part of the Ontario Virtual Care Program, Adracare can now offer its services outside of its core customer sectors, including mental health, medicinal cannabis, and physical therapy. It is anticipated that the Ontario Virtual Care Program and provincial standards will evolve over time, so stay tuned for future updates and further information.

How can telehealth increase the success of your clinic?

If you’re thinking about adding a practice management solution to your clinic and offering virtual care services to your patients, you’re not alone. Prior to the pandemic, in early 2020, telehealth was already up 33% over the previous year. 


Using a secure digital technology solution to deliver health care, physicians and healthcare practitioners can expect to reduce administrative costs, streamline workflows, and increase accessibility, flexibility, and convenience. Healthcare practitioners can provide care to people with mobility limitations and those who live in rural communities with limited access to healthcare services and providers. 


Telehealth is notably more convenient and has been shown to improve patient engagement and patient satisfaction. There’s no doubt that telehealth makes it easy to connect with a physician or provider, which reduces the number of no-shows and unnecessary in-person appointments.

How can Adracare increase the success of your clinic?

Adracare is a PIPEDA, PHIPA, and HIPAA compliant virtual clinical solution that is simple-to-use and designed for outpatient clinics, whether stand-alone or enterprise. Our all-in-one practice management solution provides all the tools healthcare practitioners need to make their practice successful, including secure HD videoconferencing, online booking and messaging, in-session charting, customized eForms, and much more. The platform also offers data migration & integration with other EMR’s to simplify clinic management processes while also making healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients.


Adracare’s comprehensive omni-channel platform is already servicing over 7,500 healthcare practitioners in over 6 countries. Last quarter, the Adracare platform booked more than 93,000 appointments, supporting close to 200,000 patients.


Contact Adracare today to learn more about how our secure cloud-based telehealth and practice management solution can benefit your clinic.

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